General Terms and Conditions of Use

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WeCann Endocannabinoid Global Academy LTDA (“WeCann”) is responsible for promoting the WeCann Academy (the “Academy”), an online learning platform that connects specialists with national and international relevance in the global community of studies on Endocannabinoid Medicine ( the “Experts”), interconnecting scientific knowledge and practical experience to people who is concerned about learning this content. 

In the academic context, courses will be offered (the “courses”) related to Endocannabinoid Medicine, taught by the Experts and available on the WeCann (the “website”) website (

When accessing the website, purchasing any of our courses, or even using any of the services offered by us (as an example our Blog, discussion environment, etc.) you agree to follow and to be legally bound by this instrument called General Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms of Use” or “Term (s)”). 

Therefore, we highly recommend that you acquaint all the provisions contained here before using any of our services! To access our website and use any of our services you will be manifesting to accord with the provisions contained here.

The General Terms of Use are fully published, thus, will not be considered to allege ignorance of the rules and obligations established here.


1.1 Website/Platform: WeCann propriety hosted on the domain ( which will provide information about the courses offered by WeCann about Endocannabinoid Medicine, as well as other services offered by it.

1.2 The General Terms of Use ( the “Terms of Use” or “Term(s)”): instrument which will determine the essential conditions to use the Website and the services offered on it, as well as obligations, rights and responsibilities of the users and the WeCann.

1.3 User/Student: an individual that is aware of and agrees to these Terms, access, or uses any of the services available on the website. 

1.4 Services: educational services provided by WeCann in the Academy context.


2.1 To subscribe to any of the offered courses by the WeCann on the Academy context, or even to utilize any of the other services available on the website by WeCann, the user ought to provide all the data which is requested, truthfully, being civil and criminal responsible by the use of this incorrect data or belonging to third parties, without prejudice of the respective suspension of access to services offered

2.1.1 The use of the website is the user’s responsibility. Thus, it is forbidden any illicit, illegal use or which causes any damage to WeCann, or third parties. Such damages occurring, will be fully and exclusively of the user’s responsibility for the reimbursement due.

2.2 In case that WeCann verifies a misuse, illegal, irregular, or, contrary to the provisions of this instrument, can it, to its only and exclusive criteria, proceed to immediately prevent the access to offered services.

2.3 The use of earphones, cameras, as well as the existence of an adequate internet connection, and other requirements for the proper utilization of the services, are the user’s responsibility.  

2.3.1 Precisely, for this reason, users are recommended to hold a stable internet connection with a good performance, to avoid any fall while using the Services.

2.4 In case WeCann verifies that some manifestation in the discussion environment can be offensive, criminal, or prejudiced, fraudulent or that, in any case, can cause damage to third parties, they can be excluded.

2.5  To access the website, the user must be a person legally capable.

2.5.1 Other criteria can be defined as the use of certain services offered (such as enrolling in a course).

2.6 Users are prohibited from making any recording, edition, download, disclosure, sharing, or any other use that isn’t expressly allowed by WeCann of the material disposed on the website or in any way, being videos and/or imagens or texts. 

2.6.1 The rights relating to such materials disclosed on the website belong only and exclusive to WeCann. Thus, any conduct listed on item 2.6 will result in a respective penalty, on the pertinent legislation terms. 

2.6.2 The user recognizes in addition to any underlying technology services and other programs, projects, materials, information, communication, text, graphics, links, electronic art, animations, illustration, cartoons, audio, video clips, pictures, images and other data or material protected by the copyright, including the selection and arrangements rendered or available to the user in connection with the website are priority works of WeCann and/or its affiliates and/or third parties and contractors (the ‘Third Party’) and are protected without boundaries according to the copyright laws. 

2.7 The rules about the courses hiring and other related rules are available in the Educational Services Agreement.

2.8  Privacy Policy is an integral part of this instrument, the reason why the user declares to know of it as well as agrees with its provisions.

2.9 WeCann can use the image, voice, name, testimony and more user congener information to promote their services, as well as to the maintenance of its services (as an example of the disponibility of recorded courses that certain information are contained, i.e, the students images restrained in recorded classes and make them available on the platform), as detailed on the item ‘8.WECANN’S RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS ’

2.9.1 In this case, WeCann will observe the reasonableness, proportionality, and decorum in such use. 

2.9.2 WeCann may also utilize images, voice, and name, provided as a testimony, in a voluntary and unpaid manner. Such testimonies will refer to content available in the Academy and will serve to present the user’s impressions about the material provided. Thus, once the user adheres to this present term, starts to declare its total and absolute agreement with these conditions, not being able to claim indemnity at any time or title. 


3.1 The user agrees to protect the contents of WeCann and/or related to the services provided that may be configured in confidential information, adopting all necessary efforts to prevent the improper, negligent or accidental use, as well as the disclosure of such confidential information. 

3.2 The user also declares that will not use any of the data disclosed in the platform by WeCann or other users, such as clinical data of patients, without express authorization from WeCann. 

3.3 The disclosure of any confidential information to whom is not expressly authorized by WeCann will characterize contractual violation, being imposed to the Users the respective responsibility, including the amounts due as fees, interest and monetary correction, without prejudice of losses and damages and eventual indemnities to the prejudiced ones.


4.1 The Website or the Services may provide links to other third-party websites (the “Third Party Websites”).

4.2 Such links made available, being in our blog or discussion environment, be indicated by some of ours Experts, will not be WeCann responsibility insofar as such links, as they belong to Third Parties, are not under the control of WeCann and therefore users acknowledge and agree that WeCann isn’t website responsible of third parties, and do not endorse and is not responsible for any content, publicity, products, services or other materials available on third parties’ website.  

4.3 Because of that, any damage or loss which can accrue to third parties’ websites won’t be, to any end and Law effect, WeCann responsibility.


5.1 The registered brands, service brands, and the used logo (the ‘Brands’) and shown on the website or at any other company content are registered trademarks of WeCann and are protected without limitation according to Brazilian Law and foreign trademarks.

5.2 Nought on the website and services should be interpreted as a grant, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any brand presented on this site or in connection with the services or any company content, unless expressly written manifestation by WeCann.

5.3 The utilization of any visual identity element of WeCann will just be allowed upon express and written authorization.


6.1 The company’s content of the website, service and from which part will be supplied ”How are you”, i.e, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implicit.

6.2 WeCann does not guarantee the accuracy, validity, or reliability of the results of use, or any other situation regarding the content of the company, the website, the services of each part of them, or the websites of third parties.

6.3 Likewise, WeCann does not prescribe, nor does it guide, the use of any kind of medication, only dealing with subjects from an academic and educational standpoint.


7.1 The user agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless WeCann, and its affiliates, administrators, directors, agents, partners, experts, employees, licensees, representatives, suppliers, and any third parties (including employees of our affiliates, directors, agents, partners, employees, licensees, representatives and third party suppliers), of all losses, expenses, damages, costs of any kind (including civil and/or criminal), claims, and demands, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses, due to or resulting from any submitted content that you upload, post, or transmit or through the Services, your use of the Services, Company Content or any part thereof, your connection to the Services, or your breach of these Terms.

7.1.1 7.1.1 In addition to the indemnification provided in item 7.1, the User may be, at WeCann’s sole discretion, temporarily or permanently disconnected from the use of the Site and participation in the platform, without prior notice and without any right to reimbursement, in the event of the detection of conduct that violates the legal system, that represents an attack on the honor, threat to good customs or that constitutes a crime and/or legal infraction of any nature. By way of example, the following conducts fall under this provision: actions that subject other users to embarrassing situations, vexatious behavior, and defamatory manifestations.


8.1 WeCann is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the User due to failures in his connection with the Website.

8.2 If necessary, WeCann will make the necessary changes on the Website to improve it.

8.3 The manifestations made by the Experts are entirely their responsibility, and WeCann is not responsible for any act that may be considered offensive or cause any kind of damage, even if off-balance sheet.

8.4 WeCann may use the image and voice of its Students as provided for in the Term of Educational Services Provision and under the “Authorization Term of Image, Testimony, Name and Voice Use”.

8.4.1 WeCann is also expressly authorized to capture, fix, edit and use images, testimonies, declarations, name, and voice of Users to be inserted and used in any WeCann’s means of communication, as well as for posting on the Internet, being able to record, edit, reproduce and broadcast in Brazil and abroad, without limitation of time, through any means of communication and media and all institutional materials produced by WeCann, the images, testimonies, and sounds of the Students captured during meetings, face-to-face courses, classes, events, workshops, and lectures, specifically, but not limited to, sounds, testimonies, statements about the course and internal, external images, interviews, lectures, and audience, for an indefinite period.

8.4.2 WeCann may also, at its sole discretion, use the images, sounds, statements and testimonies of the Users, orally or written captured, as well as their extracts, excerpts or parts, being able, for example, to adapt it to compose any product linked to WeCann, display and marketing it or renting it to the public on any existing material support, promoting merchandising or advertising, disseminating it through the Internet, assign the copyright on the images and sounds whose use was authorized through this Term to third parties, for any kind of use, or even give it any other use that gives WeCann some kind of economic advantage.

8.4.3 WeCann is expressly authorized to assign the rights of the images, testimonies, declarations, and sounds of the Users, who will not be able to receive any title about the use.


9.1 WeCann is authorized to assist and cooperate with any judicial authority or governmental agency and may send registration information about the User when required by judicial decision or by force of legal determination.

9.2 WeCann is not responsible for:

  1. Act of force majeure, under the terms of the applicable legislation;
  2. Third-party actions that affect the stability of the Website;
  3. Any comment, action or statement made on the Website, or outside of it, in an offensive, unlawful, gross, or disrespectful manner by any User;
  4. Any inaccuracy in the information entered by Users;
  5. Any third party content, even if there is a link on the Website regarding it.

9.3 WeCann adopts all technical and organizational measures for the security of the information on its Website. However, no system is impenetrable, therefore might be subjected to some kind of invasion by hackers. Under these circumstances, WeCann will not be responsible for any exclusion, obtaining, use, or unauthorized disclosure of information resulting from attacks that it could not reasonably avoid.

9.4 If WeCann would be issued for acts attributable to Users, it will be up to them to request the respective exclusion of WeCann from liability, under penalty of filing a return action, in case of conviction.

9.5 All communications consisting of notices on the Website will be deemed to have been received and understood.


10.1 These Terms do not generate any partnership, franchise, employment relationship, or similar agreement between the User and WeCann, serving only to govern the use of the Website.

10.2 This instrument is in no way used as a valid means of transmitting intellectual property relating to the Website or any content available on it, which remains, for all legal purposes, exclusive property of WeCann.

10.2.1 The User is prohibited from modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, making, reproducing, publishing, making available, licensing, or creating works derived from the information collected on the Site, as well as transferring or using such information, software for commercial purposes. , products or services, under penalty of violation of this instrument and characterization of a legal infraction.

10.2.2 The brand or any other element that refers to WeCann’s visual identity is exclusively its property, and its violation is punishable under the terms of the applicable legislation, without prejudice to the immediate impediment for an indefinite period of access to the Site, as well as the sanctions of civil and criminal nature.


11.1 The Website is made available to Users in the technical state they are in. In this way, despite the countless efforts to make the Site free from interruptions and any defects, WeCann does not guarantee that the functions contained in the Site meet the specific needs of the User, nor does it guarantee that the Website’s operation will be uninterrupted or error-free, that any service will continue to be available, nor that the defects of the Site will be corrected immediately or that the Site will be compatible with or work with any third-party software, applications or services.

11.2 WeCann may also, at its sole discretion, suspend, modify or terminate the activities of the Site, using prior written communication to the User, at least 30 (thirty) days in advance, providing ways and alternatives to extract information from the Site. User entitlement contained therein, except in the event of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.


12.1 These Terms and Conditions of Use and the documents incorporated by reference express the total agreement between Users and WeCann regarding the use of the Website and its Services.

12.2 From time to time, WeCann, in its sole discretion, may make changes to these Terms. When such changes are made, Users will be notified according to the circumstances, either by e-mail or by another means of informed contact.

12.3 If any of the clauses in these Terms are found to be invalid, the others will remain regularly effective.


13.1 WeCann may add, change or delete features, nomenclatures, prices, and other aspects of the services and make other changes at any time and these Terms will continue to apply to the modified Services. WeCann reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Website components or the Services with or without previous notice. The User agrees that WeCann will not be held responsible by this or any third party for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Website or the Services.


14.1 WeCann may terminate your use of the Platform or the Services immediately without notice for any violation of these Terms or any of our applicable policies.


15.1 All dispositions in these Terms are governed by the current laws in Brazil. For all matters relating to the interpretation, compliance, or any other matter related to these Terms, the parties agree to submit it to the jurisdiction of Florianópolis / SC.


16.1 Whenever necessary, in order to address any issue involving the use of the Website, or if there is any kind of doubt regarding the content of this Term, please contact us through the following email address: [email protected].

16.2 Any notification to the User, when necessary, will be made by email or within the Website itself.

By using the Platform, Users declare that they have read, understood, and fully agreed with all information contained herein.

Thank you for reading our Terms. We hope you enjoy our services!