A Paradigm Shift in the Medical Community.

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I am very happy with the certification, the use of Medical Cannabis has changed my way of seeing patients. WeCann helped me to be more confident in prescribing and indicating patients, I have had a very good acceptance and also great results. It’s amazing, once medical cannabis enters the medical practice, you can’t let go!

marcos honorato

Marcos Honorato
Orthopedist, SP

We teach you the concepts and share the practical experience you need to incorporate this knowledge effectively and safely.

”The tools are very interactive and very useful, such as the master classes with experts and world leaders in medical cannabis with live translation and the digital Master Book, very informative, complete and scientific. The forums for discussion of clinical cases that occur in daily practice, without a doubt, help us consolidate this practice. Information is always up to date and with scientific evidence. I invite everyone to be part of this new frontier and change of paradigm in Medicine. The course is excellent!”
sebastian nunez
Sebastián P. Mosquera Núnez
Surgeon physician, Ecuador
juliana gomes

Juliana Gomes Pereira
Psychiatrist, SP

The Wecann Academy medical cannabis training with all the experts really made a difference in my life! I had never received medical cannabis education before. It was very important to know that there are many well-founded studies on the endocannabinoid system, applicability, clinical response, and so many political and economic reasons that work against a clinical practice that has so many benefits for patients.
“This course made an extreme change in my learning about Endocannabinoid Medicine. Besides acquiring greater prescriptive safety, it broadened my horizon on new ways of clinical application, humanized and particularized follow-up, worldwide experience of the cannabis ecosystem !!! It was a show !!! Very worthwhile !!! I appreciate every second of knowledge !!!”

fernanda dantas

Fernanda Castro Dantas
Psychiatrist, SC

The course of WeCann is extremely didactic, gives a great security for the prescription of medical cannabis, well based on scientific evidence. I can say that the WeCann course and the deepening of endocannabinoid medicine changed my life and my perception about medicine and care as a whole.

guilherme baruel

Guilherme Jose de Godoy Baruel
Sports medicine, SP


My sincere thanks to the whole team, especially to the professors who gave excellent classes with their knowledge and enriching content. Every step I learned with you was and will be of great value. I hope to take this knowledge to my patients’ pain relief! Today I feel prepared to serve them safely, thanks to WeCann! Thank you.

rafaela dutra

Rafaela Dutra
Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology, MG

Decades of clinical experience shared in a 7-week immersion.

At WeCann there is quality information, organized, with scientific foundation. I really recommend the Wecann Academy as the shortest and most efficient way to acquire security, argumentation, to be able to work with medical cannabis.
tercio souza

Tércio Sousa
General practitioner, RJ

The professors are excellent and the classes are sensational, with high level content and discussions!

carlos silva

Carlos Eduardo Sily Silva
Orthopedist, ES

barbara medeiros

Bárbara Barreiros
Family Physician, SP

The quality of the experts is exceptional, they all have such a good quality of class because of their long time practice in this area and they are very didactic. The certification is changing the direction of my career, I am ready to work, to fight for a new vision of what medical cannabis can do for people’s health.

Thank you very much to everyone in charge! Excellent and organized classes, interesting content, no words to thank you… Congratulations and thank you very much! We are “in the future”, there is no way to close our eyes to an active as powerful as cannabis.

mariana salgueiro

Mariana Boni Guerra Salgueiro
Dermatologist, RJ

The course is excellent, practical, objective, and brings all the information that the physician needs to start using this incredible tool that is the endocannabinoid medicine, to improve the patient’s health. I highly recommend WeCann and its course as a way to really get qualified in this area of medical knowledge…

fabio arante

Fábio Luiz Arante
General Surgeon, SC

Clinical cases and scientific evidence taught by world reference experts.

WeCann’s course is innovative and a frontier breaker, with valuable medical content that encourages the spread of this therapy in our country! Discussions with world renowned names and with much experience with the use of cannabis, certainly provide us more security to start this practice in this field.
andrea day

Andrea A. R. Day
Thoracic surgeon, SC

I have no words to describe the quality of the course, phenomenal, spectacular! WeCann opened my horizons, greatly improved my knowledge and increased my confidence. Today I even have a waiting list to see patients with Medical Cannabis! Of all the courses I’ve taken (and they were not few) the only one I recommend is WeCann’s, without exception!

foto victor

Victor Saab
Neurologist, SP

I recommend the course, because besides having an experienced and studious teaching staff, it has a very good organization and excellent platform, clarifying the doubts of the exercise of this specialty.


Gerso Alano Nogueira Martinelli
Gastroenterologist, RS

antonio carreira

Antonio Barros Carreira
Neurologist, SP


An excellent course! Complete, with qualified and experienced professors in the area… I WAS IMPRESSED, THE COURSE IS REALLY VERY GOOD and IT HAS TAUGHT ME A WIDER VIEW ABOUT CANNABIS. The classes are wonderful! A real paradigm breaker.

eduardo kiryu

Eduardo M. K. Kiryu
General practice, SP

It was a learning journey for all levels of knowledge, with excellent didactics and great professors!


Wonderful program with enthusiastic presenters who are clearly passionate about the subject. The course materials contain a wealth of information. Great course for those looking to expand their knowledge of medical cannabis.


Amelie de Mahy
Acupuncturist, California

An engaged medical community to accompany and support you with its own clinical cases.

We have contact with physicians from Latin America, from Europe, from America, it is an online class, but a class that you are there, the experts are talking to you. There are many serious people who have been working with this for more than 30 years, overcoming prejudices. WeCann is a safe place to deepen your knowledge!

Sidarta Zuanon
Neurosurgeon, SP

We need knowledge to help our patients and WeCann provides this very well, including direct contact with the experts! It is very rewarding to have such an active exchange.


Leila Auler
Anesthesiologist, RJ

The course is wonderful and I recommend it! The clinical discussions are the highlight, great tool. The case discussions undoubtedly consolidate the daily practice. Everything was excellent! Thanks to all the Wecann team!

foto ana

Ana Claudia de Souza Gomes Bensabath
Neurology/Neurophysiology, MA

The practical discussions are very good and necessary on the WeCann platform!


Mirene Moraes
Acupuncture and pain, SE

WeCann’s course is excellent, it delivers beyond expectations! Great experts who share rich content in a clear and generous way. It is the best course!


Tânia Cristina A. Pimentel
Pediatrician, RJ

We met many experts and gained deep knowledge in this Course, the investment is very fair!


Vânia Ferreira de Sa Mayoral
Geriatrician, SP

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