Mara Gordon

Process Engineer

United States

Mara Gordon is a globally recognized leader in the medical cannabis ecosystem. She has leveraged her experience as a Process Engineer helping Fortune 500 companies create intelligent software, to develop Cannabis formulations and therapeutic dosing regimens for thousands of patients in California, dramatically improving their health, quality of life, and longevity.
Mara openly shares her knowledge and experience about the therapeutic benefits of the Cannabis plant through lectures, courses, conferences, and TEDx Talks, always advocating serious and responsible positions for this industry, which she cares deeply about. She frequently presents at various US CME (Continuing Medical Education) accredited medical conferences and inaugural medical cannabis conferences in several countries around the world.
Recognizing the need for patient-focused software, Mara Gordon founded Octopi Wellness. With Octopi Wellness, physicians and healthcare professionals can make cannabis-based treatment recommendations backed by the latest, most qualified scientific data.
Her pioneering work with medical cannabis was recently chronicled in Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein’s documentary, “Weed the People” (available on Netflix).