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    Medical cannabis in the elderly: understanding the therapeutic potential in the elderly

      Chronic pain, inflammatory processes, and neuropsychiatric disorders are examples of conditions that we commonly associate with aging. Although these conditions are not exclusive to the elderly, a close relationship…

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    Cannabis and Anvisa: what is and what is not allowed in Brazil?

      A new cannabis-based product was authorized by Anvisa on May 2021 for medicinal use. With so many recent news, it is common for physicians to get confused about what…

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    Medical cannabis and fibromyalgia: how to provide relief to patients

      Daily tasks such as bathing, dressing or cooking can become exhausting for patients with fibromyalgia. In addition to being quite uncomfortable and evolving over time, this type of chronic…

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    Cannabidiol and epilepsy: find out the effects in the treatment of the disease

      Although the mechanisms of action of the Endocannabinoid System is not yet fully known, several scientific studies prove that cannabinoids have a direct influence on the central nervous system…

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    Cannabis and weight loss: what is the relationship?

      When we talk about Cannabis and weight loss, you may be confused, after all, it is common to associate Cannabis with increased appetite.  But did you know that medical…

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