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We are facing
a highly disruptive knowledge

WeCann Academy is a learning center connecting specialists of national and international relevance in a global community of Endocannabinoid Medicine studies, interconnecting scientific knowledge and practical experience.

Medicine is an ancient practice, always focused on learning evolution in search of the human well-being. From theory to the practice, we share the same objective: to promote health, in all fronts.

Sistema Endocanabinoide is a vital regulatory system, which is responsible for maintaining and reestablishing the human health. This incredible and complex modulatory system provides several and new therapeutic possibilities, which encourage the medical and scientific communities to make a deep immersion to explore such knowledge.

We invite you to become part of a community committed to the advancement of medicinal practices by means of ancient knowledge and scientific evidence.

Nossa intenção é tornar seguro, eficaz e acessível os tratamentos baseados no Sistema Endocanabinoide, que estimulam a nossa capacidade de autocura.

Exclusive learning immersions, up-to-date events and ongoing exchanges outline our journey at WeCann. Come and join our community!


WECANN is not bound to pharmaceutical industry.Our commitment is to generate content that is technically qualified, unbiased, and with no interference or commercial bias from product and drug product suppliers.

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