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    Understand the entourage effect and why the complete plant is better than its isolated parts

      According to Aristotle, “the totality is more than the sum of its parts.”The Greek philosopher’s statement may well apply to the medicinal properties of plants, especially Cannabis, with regard…

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    Prescriptive concepts of cannabis products in anxiety disorders

      One of the primary clinical indications for cannabis is in the treatment of anxiety. Several studies have demonstrated the therapeutic potential of cannabis, especially extracts that combine the phytocannabinoids…

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    Learn about the three main chemovars of Cannabis

      The Cannabis plant is native to the Eurasian region, more precisely to Central Asia, northern India, and western China. Cannabis can easily adapt to different altitudes, soil types, and…

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    Cannabis and Anvisa: what is and what is not allowed in Brazil?

      A new cannabis-based product was authorized by Anvisa on May 2021 for medicinal use. With so many recent news, it is common for physicians to get confused about what…

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    Understand the importance of medical cannabis education for safe and effective prescriptions

      Since the ANVISA regulation on procedures necessary for the marketing of cannabis-based products in Brazil, in 2019, the importance of medical cannabis education has gained new outlines in the…

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