Emílio Figueiredo



Bachelor Degree in Law through PUC-RIO (2003); Postgraduate in Social Responsibility and Third Sector, through the Institute of Economics at UFRJ (2013); He was a student in the “Drug Policy Reform” program at the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam (2014); Diploma in Political Innovation from Academia Innovación Politica (2017); Master’s Degree in Anthropology from the Graduate Program in Justice and Security (PPGJS) of the Institute of Comparative Studies in Conflict Management (INCT INEAC) of Universidade Federal Fluminense [Fluminense Federal University] (UFF); Ph.D. candidate in the Graduate Program in Sociology and Law (PPGSD) also at UFF. Partner at the Law Firm Figueiredo, Nemer e Sanches Advocacia Insurgente He has worked with law and cannabis in Brazil for over 10 years and is on the executive board of Rede Reforma, Legal consultant for associations of people who make therapeutic use of Cannabis and public and private initiatives that seek the national production of Cannabis with due regard for its social and environmental impact in Brazil.