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    How Medicinal Cannabis Enhances Personalized Medicine

    Personalized Medicine or Precision Medicine consists of adapting medical therapies to individual characteristics of each patient. In the context of Medical Cannabis, individualizing treatments is essential for effective results. After…

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    Medical cannabis and fibromyalgia: how to provide relief to patients

      Daily tasks such as bathing, dressing or cooking can become exhausting for patients with fibromyalgia. In addition to being quite uncomfortable and evolving over time, this type of chronic…

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    quimiovariantes da Cannabis

    Learn about the three main chemovars of Cannabis

      The Cannabis plant is native to the Eurasian region, more precisely to Central Asia, northern India, and western China. Cannabis can easily adapt to different altitudes, soil types, and…

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    Cannabis as adjuvant therapy in cancer patients

      Discover the benefits of medical cannabis in the oncology context to offer a better quality of life to your patients. Chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia and lack of appetite are…

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    Cannabis for neuropathic pain: what the studies say

    Although several clinical studies on medical Cannabis and chronic pain show very promising results, many physicians still do not feel confident in recommending the use of cannabinoid derivatives such as…

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