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    Cannabis and anorexia: what is the therapeutic potential of this treatment?

      According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 4.7% of the Brazilian population suffers from eating disorders.. The number is even more alarming when the sample is made up only…

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    Nausea: treatment with medical Cannabis to boost results

    Generally speaking, nausea and vomiting are our body’s defensive responses to the ingestion or digestion of potentially harmful substances. However, these events may be associated with the treatment of other…

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    Cannabis medicinal e bem-estar: conectando conceitos na Medicina Integrativa

      Os efeitos da Cannabis medicinal para o bem-estar e qualidade de vida do paciente estão totalmente alinhados aos princípios da Medicina Integrativa. Pesquisas científicas evidenciam que o Endocannabinoid System…

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    Cannabidiol is an option in the treatment of burnout syndrome

      The fight against physical and mental exhaustion caused by burnout syndrome gains a new ally: cannabidiol (CBD).  This is what scientific studies show, linking the use of this substance…

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    Understand the importance of medical cannabis education for safe and effective prescriptions

      Since the ANVISA regulation on procedures necessary for the marketing of cannabis-based products in Brazil, in 2019, the importance of medical cannabis education has gained new outlines in the…

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