What to look for in medical training on the endocannabinoid system

Posted on 10/06/22 | Updated 06/10/22 Reading: 4 minutes


The recent discovery of the endocannabinoid system has motivated numerous scientific investigations worldwide. This system, which has been present in all vertebrate animals for hundreds of thousands of years, plays a vital regulatory role in all physiological and pathological processes in humans. Therefore, the demand for medical training on the endocannabinoid system is growing in the medical community.

However, it is necessary to consider certain fundamental aspects when training in this area to guarantee maximum safety and efficacy while incorporating cannabinoid derivatives in your therapeutic arsenal. The training of the teaching staff and the scientific basis of the content are certain criteria that must be prioritized in your learning journey. Read on and learn more about them.


Scientific basis

Medical training on the endocannabinoid system requires learning based on scientific evidence and supported by the prescriptive experience of highly qualified professionals. The robustness of the research in this field helps us understand why the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is already legalized in more than 40 countries, with significant results in improving the quality of life of thousands of patients.

Essas evidências são responsáveis pela mudança de paradigma em torno da Cannabis medicinal. Hoje em dia, já são mais de 20 mil artigos publicados sobre o tema e mais de mil clinical trials em andamento. Além disso, as patentes de medicamentos registrados pela Big Pharma ultrapassam a marca de 300 registros, o que também reforça a importância de se buscar uma formação adequada na área.


Experienced professionals

The presence of experienced and qualified faculty is essential for students to access new possibilities in medicine through this disruptive knowledge. The programmatic content of the course must be designed to include physicians from the most diverse specialties and areas of practice, based on exclusive, up-to-date immersions that stimulate the continuous exchange of learning.

Thus, it is possible to build a community that is fully active and based on the most reliable sources on the subject, aiming to minimize the suffering of patients and promote well-being on a large scale. 

An important addendum is to observe whether the medical training in the field of endocannabinoid system is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. This content should be unbiased and free of commercial biases so that you have access to knowledge properly guided by scientific concepts.


Prescriptive practice

Combining theory and practice is another prerequisite for a consistent and effective learning journey. This implies that, in addition to a rich theoretical reference covering the most recent and reliable studies in endocannabinoid medicine, the course must bring to the debate professionals with extensive prescriptive experience, bringing together teachers and students in building a global community of studies in the area.

The accessibility of content on digital platforms, technical detailing of the material, and teaching methodologies are other criteria that make the course different. Immersive classes that uncomplicate key concepts around the endocannabinoid system and clinical case discussions with experts in the field make up an exemplary didactic approach for a more assertive therapy.


Recognized certification

A duly recognized certificate is also very important in medical training in the field of endocannabinoid system. This document should attest to the quality of the knowledge acquired during the course and the competence of the professional who wishes to prescribe cannabinoid derivatives.

Only a course of excellence can prepare doctors to incorporate this vast and complex therapeutic arsenal safely and effectively, promoting health and well-being on all fronts. WeCann Academy is committed to this learning journey and offers international certification in endocannabinoid medicine.

We connect experts from around the world as part of a global community of research and studies on the endocannabinoid system, linking scientific knowledge and practical experience.


Do you want to be part of this community? Contact us and get ready for the new frontier of medicine!

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