WeCann and CannaKeys announce partnership to foster education in Endocannabinoid Medicine

Posted on 10/06/22 | Updated 06/10/22 Reading: 3 minutes


The WeCann, study center that connects national and international experts in a global community of studies on Endocannabinoid Medicine, made a partnership with CannaKeys, american company which develops platforms and services that support education in medicinal cannabis. 

Based on this approach, the WeCann certification students will be the first in Latin America to have access to the first and most complete search and analysis tool for scientific articles in Endocannabinoid Medicine in the world. The platform was developed by the CannaKeys company. 

The purpose of the partnership is to promote a revolution in access to study this science, making it easier for physicians to find quality materials in this field. 


Scientific evidence and practical experience as allies

As they are technically aligned in the main ways of exploring this Science,  Dra. Patrícia Montagner, neurosurgeon and founder of WeCann, was invited to be an advisor to CannaKeys, and Dr. Uwe Bleschingphysician and science director at CannaKeys, became the WeCann expert da WeCann. 

“Medical cannabis come into my professional life because I needed safer and more effective alternatives to my patients with chronic pain and various neurological disorders. Noticing the added value to the quality of life of hundreds of patients with serious and disabling illnesses, we founded the WeCann Academy, whose purpose is to empower medical colleagues about Endocannabinoid Medicine and the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis. By establishing a partnership with CannaKeys, we are taking an important step towards achieving this goal”, explains Dr. Patrícia, who is certified by the World Institute of Pain (WIP) for minimally invasive pain procedures and monitors more than 1000 patients on regular use of Medical Cannabis.

“Endocannabinoid Medicine is an exciting new science that is developing very quickly. Cannakeys is a platform that provides quick and easy access to published science, exploring critical data from the main and most qualified articles published in the field,, helping physicians and healthcare professionals to organize and systematize this knowledge appropriately. The WeCann Academy is a true partner to the physician in the journey of learning this potentially disruptive knowledge”, highlights Dr. Uwe, one of the pioneers in the study of Medicinal Cannabis in the United States, with several books published on the subject. 


The doctor further emphasizes that with just over 20 years of discovery of endocannabinoid receptors, there are already more than 35,000 scientific articles available on PubMed about SEC and the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids for several diseases. 

As mentioned by Dr. Patrícia, the partnership is another action from WeCann to help physicians access disruptive knowledge and incorporate new therapeutic tools, always based on scientific evidence and supported by the practical experience of a highly qualified technical staff. 


The WeCann Academy provides students with protected and safe environment for discussing clinical cases and applying that knowledge in practice. 


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